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Awareness days coming up

02/03/2017 - 6:15pm


As you might know, Swedes are great at coming up with reasons to celebrate, and we have a day for almost everything. I hope you didn't miss "the foot day" 18th February, or how about "hug a librarian day" 1st March?

At TotallySwedish we think there are some days that are worth acknowledging a bit more than others, and some of them are actually just around the corner:

5/3 - Cheez Doodle Day

7/3 - Punschrulle Day (Arrak Roll)

13/3 - Mazarin Day

25/3 - Waffle Day

We will celebrate these days by offering tasting of the products in our shops. Hope we'll see you then!

Ps. We will of course not forget International Women's Day 8/3. It is yet to be decided what would be a suitable tasting for this, but if nothing else we will send some thoughts to all amazing women and girls all over the world!