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Semla Tuesday 28/2

26/01/2017 - 12:51pm


Tuesday 28th of February is Shrove Tuesday, or as it's called in Swedish - "Fat Tuesday". This is the day when we traditionally enjoy the amazing Semla buns or Semlor (plural). Agneta from "Princess Tilly's Tea Parties" will be in our store on Crawford Street making and selling fresh Semlor all day Tuesday. She will be in our Barnes store on Saturday 25th of February to do the same.

We will also sell fresh Semlor from Bageriet every day during the Semla week, plus frozen buns that are filled with almond paste, so all you need to do is defrost them and add whipped cream. We also have all the ingredients for baking your own semlor in our semla category, and you can find the recipe here.


Photo by: Helene Söderström Photography