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Pulled Oumph! NEW

Pulled Oumph! NEW

Oumph! is a concept with a new ingredient with a completely unique structure and texture. It’s unlike anything else from the plant kingdom, but at the same time it feels familiar. The climate impact is so low that you and everyone else on this planet can eat it every day. Oumph! is also rich in protein and fibre. And a source to iron and folic acid. It is VEGAN and even though it's only made from soy beans it's got a very 'meaty' consistency. Try it - you will not regret it!


Water, 40 % BBQ sauce (water, tomato paste, sugar, MUSTARD (water, MUSTARD SEEDS, sugar, vinegar essence, salt, seasoning), apple juice concentrate, pepper, burned sugar, salt, tomato, onion, garlic, white wine vinegar, smoked salt, ginger, acidity regulator (citric acid), parsley, black pepper, cayenne pepper), 15 % SOY protein concentrate (from SOY BEANS)

Price: £5.90