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Hello and welcome to Vild & Co! Our handcrafted granola is based on traditional Nordic recipes, combined with the finest produce the northern Sweden forests have to offer.

Vild is the result of a life long love story between our founder Alexandra, and her grandmother's recipes. Having been passed down through generations, Alexandra has taken traditional family recipes and remade into her own delicious versions. Our granola is now gluten free, vegan and completely free from oil and refined sugar. Taken from the Swedish word for Wild, we believe in real food, sourced from the nature around us - from the wild.

Vild granola is freshly baked in a London kitchen, handmade in small batches. Our berries are sourced from the forests of northern Sweden, harvested in August, after having grown under the midnight sun the whole summer, making them extra nutritious and full of flavour.

Our focus has been to making our products as natural and unprocessed as possible, hence why we do not use any oil - and our only sweetener is a pinch of coconut sugar."

Vild Granola - Kanel & Blåbär
HemShopDelikatesserVild Granola
Vild Granola - Pepparkaka
HemShopDelikatesserVild Granola