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17/11/2015 - 3:13pm

Some of us never really got out of Holiday Season and are rapidly changing skeletons for turkeys before it's time to welcome the yule tide. I just wished it would get seasonally cold - I have a lovely new winter coat that I'd like to wear - though our friends probably appreciate not freezing to death when visiting (heating is for wimps!).

We are so excited to kick off the Christmas season both online and in both stores. Lovely Anna Ostman has turned them both into cosy and stylish Christmas wonderlands, and every cubic centimeter is packed with gorgeous Christmas loveliness.

The Christmas Orders list can be found on our website and need to be submitted either via email or on honest-to-goodness paper December 1, AT THE LATEST. Avoid disappointment and make sure you get that order in. The sooner the better, actually.


Ulrika Eleonora, the Swedish Church on Harcourt Street are holding their popular and very, very busy Christmas Market on Thursday November 19th, Saturday the 21st and Sunday 22nd. And as usual, we have a lot of exciting things going on also. Do pop by and visit us while your in the neighbourhood. Enjoy a calming mug of glögg and plan your yuletide celebrations. Here are a few things going on during the market.

We have a Swedish author living in France in store, with her new book A Swedish Kitchen Tale (yes, in English), which is a funny and charming cross between a cookbook and entertaining reflections on Swedish culture and food traditions. Come and have a chat with Cilla Lewenhaupt, swap stories and buy a signed book between 11am and 1pm. You can also try some Aquavit and other snaps 16.00-18.30, as well as a new Glögg called Forestglow from 13.00.

Cilla Lewenhaupt will be with us again between 11am and 1pm and the booze of the day is Mackmyra; award winning, Swedish whiskey. Forestglow (the name is really growing on me) glögg will also be available. You will also have an opportunity to meet Kristin from Bilingual By Music, who has a new book and CD with Christmas music and stories. A great present for those not-quite bilingual people in our lives.

Last day of the fair, and usually the most mad. Please note that there is a service first at 11. Sunday nameday name happens to be Cecilia, so if you do come in, and you see the author Cilla Lewenhaupt with her book A Swedish Kitchen Tale between 12 noon and 2pm; do wish her a happy name day!


Did I mention the Christmas order list? Yes, I did. You can start stocking up on a few necessary items for the upcoming Advent. Saffron, candles, pretty Christmas knickknacks for your Secret Santa at work (maybe not so secret if you're the only Swede in the office), almond paste, yeast...

Did you download the app Swedish Christmas last year? If you didn't - do! It's the fantastic Mia Karlsson, who used to work in the Crawford Street shop, but more importantly is an internationally renowned musical star, who is behind this charming countdown to Christmas app, with traditional music and traditions. Highly recommended.

Now, something completely un-Christmas related: A book that makes children (and adults) sleep. Yes, it's quite true. You may have heard or read about it already, as it was all over the news and radio a little while ago, but if you didn't, the title is The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep, by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin. The author is a Swedish behavioural scientist with a bachelor's degree in psychology, and he has written a new kind of bed time story that is compelling the listener to fall asleep. And it works! There is even a warning not to read it aloud to people driving. We have the book in swedish, but you can find it in english in all good book stores. Sleep well!

Do you miss the BreadLady?
Good news! From Tuesday December 1, there will be rye bread available in the Crawford Street store, and the following week also in Barnes. Pre-order is recommended!
There will also be Christmas bread available to order, but more on that later.


See you soon!