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Glad Sommar

16/06/2019 - 10:01am

This time of year most Swedes escape to the country-side. Swimming in the sea or in forest lakes where the water is still as a mirror. Resting in the hammock, listening to bird song, munching on Ballerina biscuits and drinking fruit cordial while reading a magazine. Long evenings by an open fire, grilling hotdogs and singing Evert Taube's summer ballads.

Pop in to our stores and get all the food for your Summer buffet: pickled herring, crisp-breads, barcecue sauces, hot dogs, cheeses, potato salad, many different kinds of snaps and much, much more.

We have lots of Swedish design items in stock, including trays, cups, table runners, kitchen towels and much more.

On our website you'll find lots of recipes, including a recipe for Strawberry Cake, a recipe for how to make your own pickled herring. And on our Facebook page there is a fun video recipe for the most delicious home made O'Boy chococlate ice-cream.

Glad Sommar!