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Mother's Day and Waffle Day

17/03/2017 - 4:59pm


Saturday the 25th of March and Sunday the 26th of March are two days of celebration for us Swedes in UK. First it's the official Waffle Day on the Saturday, followed of course by british Mother's Day on the Sunday. Did you know that Mother's Day is on a different date in Sweden? So Swedish mums living in UK can (and should!) get two days per year instead of just one. Very lucky. 

At TotallySwedish we have everything you need to treat your family and friends to a lovely waffle party (except for the waffle makers, but these can be found in Clas Ohlson!), plus some cute little gifts for mamma (Swedish for 'mum'), in case you choose to celebrate her with a Swedish theme.

You can find two different recipes for waffles here, or if you're short on time or simply don't fancy making your own, you can of course just get the ready mixture for frasvåfflor.

On this Saturday the 25th we will also be making waffles in our store on 32 Crawford Street, served with delicious jam from Lindhags Delikatesser (one of our news in store!) - so if you're in the area then do pop by for a little treat!