Stalker - Lars Kepler (In Swedish)

"A short video is sent to the National Criminal Police. The person holding the camera is standing in a garden, secretly filming a woman through a window. The next day she is found dead from a frenzied knife attack.

The police receive another film, but there is no way of identifying the woman before time runs out.

The woman’s husband is so traumatised when he finds her body that he cleans the entire house and puts her to bed. He could have found something vitally important, but his acute state of shock prevents the police questioning him.

Psychiatrist Erik Maria Bark is brought in to hypnotise him – but what the man tells him leads Erik to start lying to the police.

If the lights are on, a stalker can see you from outside. But if the lights are off, you can’t see a stalker who’s already inside. Lock the door and close the curtains – thriller maestro Lars Kepler is back with a new page-turner!"

This book is written in Swedish.

Price: £13.80