Blå Band Café De Paris Sauce Powder Sauce 3-pack


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Our delicious Café de Paris is a popular sauce that goes well with most things, both for everyday use and for parties. A flavored sauce with hints of herbs. Goes well with vegetables as well as a good piece of meat. Our sauces will help you make your meal a success easily and quickly.

Ingredients: Modified/modified maize starch/corn ester, palm fat, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, flavourings (pepper, basil, garlic, sage, mustard/sennep), curry (e.g. coriander, cumin, fennel), LACTOSE, Italian spice mix (salt, onion, herbs/herbs, sunflower oil/sunfish keolie), onion, MILK PROTEIN/MILK PROTEIN, YEAST EXTRACT/GARK EXTRACT, EMULSIFIER/EMULSIFIER: E451, SOLALECITHIN/SOY LECITHIN, maltodextrin, parsley, salt, turmeric, chervil, basil, acid/oxygen: E330