Norwegian Black Oats - Steel Cut


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Norsk svart havre av Den Sorte Havre.

Grown in Norway, on a small family farm, the black oat, also known as purrhavre in Swedish, was once the main grain in most if not all Scandinavian countries. After more or less having become extinct in its native habitat, has Den Sorte Havre now began cultivating it.

Compared to the more common white oat, black oats contain higher amounts, about 40% to be exact, of healthy fatty acids! These oats have been steel-cut, rather than rolled. This is the least processed method of preparing the oat kernels but it also means you have to cook them for longer - about 20 min for these - or let them soak to shorten cooking time. The instructions on the package are in English.

Due to the age of this sub-species, it doesn't require any pesticide, unlike modern oats.


Black oat (Avena Strigosa).