Snow Business - Nordic Adventures of a Ski Rep (In English)

Snow Business - Nordic Adventures of a Ski Rep (In English)

"What is it really like to be a ski rep?

Join Andrew Reed as he recounts his humourous experiences as a ski rep in the resort of Åre, Sweden. From the daunting selection process in Austria, the convoluted journey by road, ship and rail to the resort itself and through the hectic first month of setting up in resort, Andrew takes you right there.

Snow Business reveales a very different type of ski resort, with activities including snowmobile safaris, husky dog sledging, chaotic reindeer rides and visits to a spectacular frozen waterfall. Even the Northern Lights and Santa Claus make brief appearances.

Andrew offers a realistic, honest perspective, explaining the strains and pressures of the job, including working in close proximity to others over a long, hard season which finished well beyond alpine resorts. He provides a fascinating insight into the country, its people and its traditions, along with the quirks of the language."


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