A Swedish Kitchen - Tall Tales and Recipes (In English)


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"Sweden and France have always been linked by their cultured and Swedish chefs strongly marked by their French heirs. Today professionals recognize Sweden as one of the most gastronomically active countries in the world. During the culinary Olympics in 2012, Swedish chefs were the very first in history to carry off gold medals in every single category. We often find them in the podium at the famous Bocuse competitions.

Though she has been living and working in France since 1969, the author of this book is still a true Swede. She joyfully leads us though the secrets of her favourite dishes bringing history to the fore in the origins of each recipe and its ingredients. Do you realise that the herring sleeps standing? And what do you know about the life and desires of the eel? How does the rich wardrobe of the salmon tantalize you?

This book is stuffed with easy recipes and redolent with strange and titillating tales is a must amusing must."

This book is written in English.