Zoégas Skånerost dark roast Filter coffee


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ZOÉGAS SKÅNEROST - POWERFUL & TASTY DARK ROAST ZOÉGAS works according to its core value: "Good coffee is our craft and passion." This is how the story behind ZOÉGA's finest coffee blends begins. SKÅNEROST is a classic and popular flavor composition of beans from East Africa and Brazil, well balanced with tall beans from Latin America. Harsh dark roast with pleasant fruitiness and notes of dark berries. One of our most appreciated coffee blends made from 100% Arabica beans, roasted and cupped in Helsingborg. With a passion for dark roast since 1886. Roast 7/8 Fullness 5/5 Acidity 2/5
Powerful and flavorful dark roast.


100% Arabica beans.