Grumme YELLOW All Purpose Cleaner


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Grumme Gul Såpa.

A vegan all-natural product made in Sweden from liquid rosin. It has been used for hundreds of years and is still an unbeatable all-purpose cleaner as well as friendly for the environment.


Suitable for:
- Sinks, bath tubs, toilettes, kitchen and bathroom tiles
- Stone and wooden worktops
- Furniture, both painted and oiled
- Floors; wooden, stone, laminate, and tile
- Wooden, metallic and plastic toys

To clean your oven: rub some soap in the oven, heat it to 100 degrees Celsius, let it cool of and then wipe off the soap with water.

Floor and surface cleaning:
For 10 liters of water you need:
Slightly dirty surface, parquet, linoleum, laminate floors: 25ml soap
Dirty surface, oiled floors: 50ml soap
Very dirty surface: 100ml.
One yellow top filled is 10ml so you can use it to easily measure up the soap.

Saponify pine oil 15-30%, perfume <5%. pH around 10,5.