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Pommac was launched in 1919 and in a few years became one of Sweden's most famous drinks, a position that Pommac maintains to this day. One of the secrets behind the Pommac's eternal youth is authenticity. Pommac is made today according to the same recipe as over 100 years ago. It makes for a delicious golden-colored drink that is less sweet and quenches your thirst better. The content comes from real fruits and berries where the taste is left to mature in oak barrels for three months. The name Pommac comes from "Pomm" because of its similarity to French champagne such as "Pommery" and "ac" because the production includes aging in oak barrels for "cognac". Pommac should be served well chilled. Perfect for festive occasions with food, but also perfect to enjoy on its own.


Ingredients: Carbonated water, sugar, acid (citric acid), apple and raspberry juice from concentrate, colour (caramel), preservative (sodium benzoate) and natural flavourings.