Wellibites Raspberry/Salted Licorice Sugar Free Vegan


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Irresistibly good and tasty jelly candy. Completely sugar-free, vegan, 40% fewer calories than regular candy and only with natural flavors and colors from fruit and vegetables. A healthier candy that is enriched with either vitamin B2/B6/zinc/B12/magnesium and is also gluten-free. Manufactured and developed in Sweden by leg. Pharmacists and nutritionists. Unique product and the first candy on the market with vitamins & minerals. Now we can finally enjoy irresistible goodies with a clear conscience! Wellibites - for all of us who care about our bodies, nature and all the animals! Available in five flavors: Raspberry & Salted licorice with vitamin B6, Pineapple-Passion & Black Currant with vitamin B2, Elder & Raspberries with zinc, Extra salty salted licorice with vitamin B12, Strawberry & Coke with magnesium.

Ingredients: sweeteners (maltitol, erythritol), corn starch, acid (-apple), salmiac, natural flavors (raspberries), licorice, natural colors (black carrot concentrate, vegetable charcoal), vitamin B6, surface treatment (coconut/rapeseed oil, carnauba wax).