The perfect food for your next event. Prepare the sandwich cake the day before the event and reduce the stress of your important day.



The recipe below serves approx. 10 people.


Salmon Layer
400 g hot smoked salmon
200g Philadelphia or cream cheese
200 ml Crème Fraiche
½ lemon
1 grated apple


Tuna layer
2 tins tuna in oil
300 ml Mayonnaise
1 lemon (squeezed)
fresh dill


Egg layer
6 boiled eggs, chopped
3 spring onions
1 dl mayonnaise
1 dl Crème Fraiche


Decoration and layers
24 slices of pre sliced white bread
5dl Crème Fraiche
200g Cold Smoked Salmon
400g peeled North Atlantic Prawns
Caviar of your choice, optional.
1 cucumber, sliced length ways, use a mandolin or a cheese slicer
10-15 cocktail tomatoes
1 sliced lemon
Mixed salad
Fresh dill



A Swedish Sandwich Cake is exactly what it sounds like! A huge open sandwich that is also a cake. Swedish Sandwich Cake, or Smörgåstårta as it's called in Swedish, is often served instead of a hot main meal at parties and events where you don't know beforehand how many hungry guests are coming.


This recipe for Swedish Sandwich Cake was created by Raya Horner, who runs Smörgås Tårta, based in Brackley, Northamptonshire. Raya makes Swedish Sandwich Cakes to order. More information on her website. www.sandwichcake.net/


Mix all the fillings together
Put Baking Parchment on the bottom of the tray you want to use. It will keep the tray clean.
Cut the crusts of the bread, try to get them as even as possible. Put 6 slices down as the first layer and the base. Put the Tuna layer on top. Put the next 6 slices down then the egg filling, bread, salmon filling and finish off with the last layer of bread.
Get some baking parchment and wet it. Squeeze out all the excess water and but on top of the bread to keep bread and filling moist. Cover the whole cake and the moist paper with plenty of cling film. Put the cake in the fridge over night.



Take the cake out of the fridge and remove all the cling film and baking parchment. Leave the paper that is under the cake.
Whisk the Crème Fraiche with an electric whisk until thick and airy. Smooth the crème Fraiche all over the cake so that it is completely covered with a thin layer and looks like a white cube.
Now you have a free canvas for you to decorate your cake as you want with the smoked salmon the prawn etc. to make it your own masterpiece.
Now you can carefully pull the paper on the bottom away or alternatively if you are slightly nervous about doing that. I use the scissors and cut as close to the cake that I can.


Serve with coffee, tea, champange, white wine or alcohol free drink of choice, at your next event. It's sure to be the talking point of the event!


Top tip!
There are lots of varieties of fillings for a Swedish Sandwich Cake. The ones that are the most popular with us here at Smörgås Tårta is Seafood, Chicken Ceasar and Ham and Cheese, that have slow roasted Ham hock! Just use your favorite ingredients and experiment. Just remember it is usually not a good idea to mix meat pate with fish for example. Use the ingredients you know work together before you get to adventurous. 

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