Gravlax or Cured Salmon

Gravlax or Cured Salmon is an absolute delicacy, which can compete in loveliness with the in the UK more popular smoked salmon. Furthermore, you can do it yourself, even as an absolute beginner!
Gravlax or Cured Salmon



1 or 2 sides of salmon (skin on, bones out)

0,75dl Sugar
0,5dl salt
1 bunch of dill per side.


- Wash off the fish on both sides and pat dry. If you are curing a whole salmon, place on a dish large enough to hold it without folding. If curing only half a salmon, cut it in half and place one piece in a dish, big enough to just hold the fillet. You need a dish with sides, so you don't get salmon juice all over your fridge!


- Mix sugar and salt in a small bowl and finely chop the dill.

- Sprinkle the sugar/salt mixture evenly and generously over the fillet in the dish. You'll use all of it for a whole fish. Then put the dill on top.

- Place the other piece of fish with the flesh side down, but "head to tail", so the thickest part of the fish is with the thinnest.

- Cover the whole dish with clingfilm and place in either the fridge or cool pantry with something fairly heavy on top, like a six-pack of beers or maybe four cans of beans so it's weighted down.


- After 18-24h turn the whole fish sandwhich upside down, cover with clingfilm again and leave another 12-18 hours. Now try it. It'll be a little too salty, but don't worry. If the texture is right, pour off all the excess liquid and give the salmon a quick rinse. You should freeze the salmon if you do not intend to eat it straight away or if you may be serving it to pregnant women. It'll keep about 3 months.

- Enjoy as you would smoked salmon, for example on a crispbread sandwhich with capers and a sliver of lemon, with scrambled eggs or as part of a quick pasta sauce, paired with spinach and a dash of cream.


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